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HAI it's Eric. :) I'm 19. I'm from pennsylvania, I live in the hood dawg.

Yeah I know this is a new account, I had an old one and forgot the password (it was some old email) so I made a new one because my bff begged me too. Got it?

My boyfriend is also hotter than yours. Be jealous. 3 years going strong, make marriage legal so we can get married assholes!

some more stuff about me:
favorite color: blue and green
favorite animal: tiger
favorite shows: scrubs, american idol, gossip girl, degrassi (preferably the old cast, new one can smd), teen mom, lost (;_;), it's always sunny in philadelphia, that 70s show, survivor, big brother, the office.
favorite movies: fight club, jerry mcguire, braveheart, top gun, goodfellas, stand by me, dazed and confused, the big lebowski, pulp fiction, brokeback mountain, the lost boys, tenacious d.
favorite music: sublime, scary kids scaring kids, carrie underwood, britney spears, black eyed peas, foxy shazam, rihanna, taylor swift, pepper, tupac, biggie smalls, nirvana, bob marley.